How was the wig made


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Wigs can be made in two main ways: by hand or by mass production.Hairlines are sometimes hand-made on mass-produced wigs.The following two production methods are introduced.Handmade: usually used for big-budget movie and TV leads, sometimes based on a template or classic head shape, for a week or so.
A. Consulting wig production requirements, such as hair color, length, parting type, use, etc.;
B. Measure the head shape and size of the client/actor and make the base pattern. The head shape is made into a template by wrapping the head and fixing it with tape.
C. Fix the head template on the wooden model;
D. cut the base lace to match the shape of the head and sew each part so that the hair can be tied;
E. Fix the hairline on the lace with dark lines to mark the position. Remove the hairline after the production is completed;
F. Choose the desired hair color and length to make the wig look more natural, slightly different hair was mixed in;
G. Comb your hair with a hemp carder;
H. Place the wig on a double cushion with small hooks so that the wig designer can deal with the details while ensuring the fixation and safety of the wig;
I. Attach the wig like a brooch to the lace base with hooks;
J. After the wig has been completely tied, cut the wig and shape it, it can be finished.