I just want to be beautiful despite the pain

Hi everyone, my name is Vika, I'm 23 and I'm lupus warrior.
In my country, it's very hard to prove this diagnosis. I addressed to various doctors for long 3 years, suffering from constant pain in joints and muscles. It was difficult for me to do simple things - to dress and handle things. But most of all I was worried about my hair. It appeared to be diffuse alopecia plus hair structure changed a lot, it became curly. It's hard to imagine that only 3 years ago I had long hair, and now I can't even make a bun. I won't be honest if I say that it doesn't bother me at all. Girls around me take care of hair, change color and make hair, and I can't even brush it, because because any movement leads to loss of a hair bundle. I take hormones and immunosuppressors that only aggravates the situation. I tried many different methods - vitamins and supplements, minoxidil and its derivatives, microcurrents and mesotherapy, but nothing helps. I spent a huge amount of money, which almost killed my student's budget. So I can't afford wig or even topper now.
I really am afraid to be without any hair. That's why I would like to get this topper.
I also do some kind of blogging, write reviews on the largest Russian-speaking beauty community about makeup and skin care. And I hope that the topper will help me be a little more confident at least on photos. And finally I won't afraid to do portrait photos for my blog and not only macro as I am doing now.
Thank you for reading this post!