I would like to see more colors in greys and white.

I wanted to like this wig but it is not comfortable and by that I mean, I am always worried that people will see the dark outline on the edge of wig around my forehead when its windy. I hate that. It is just on the verge of being too "wiggy." I wore it for about 2 months twice a week and then gave it away to Goodwill. The fibers were very realistic and the cut was great, and the color was amazing but just not top notch construction for a wig. Also the amount of hair on this wig was just right....not too sparse and not too thick so it's a pity that it didn't work out.


I love the Patsy, both husband and son thinks its very natural looking , I love it so much I have ordered another in a different color this one is called Java Shimmered. Good job LaVivid ! I have used Synthetic in the past but this has the most natural appearance I have ever seen. I will be ordering more. I love Uniwigs and all their products. I would like to see more colors in greys and white.