Is the reason for male hair loss the same as female?

When wet, hair is totally soaked through with water. Damp hair, however, typically occurs after you get out of the shower and have gingerly removed water by towel drying hair. You’ll know your hair is damp when it’s no longer dripping but is still very clearly not dry.

Just as hair goes through physical change when damp, the hair also takes on certain properties in this state that require special attention and care.
Below are 6 things you should know about damp hair so you can care for it properly and avoid any unnecessary future damage.
Have you ever noticed that your hair becomes stretchier when wet?

This elasticity means your hair is subject to breakage when damp and should be handled with care. Once you’re out of the shower, use a wide-tooth comb or a soft-bristled brush like a Wet Brush to detangle hair. Never use a regular brush.
This elastic element of damp hair also means you should never pull it into a bun in this state. Any up-do will prevent the hair inside from drying and can cause long-lasting irritation on the scalp.

You may need a leave-in conditioner for this one. When combing, starting at the top of the head will only push down any knots, breaking hair and creating more tangles. Comb hair, one section at a time, from the bottom of the hair and on up for smooth sailing.