Measure length on bio hair to match curly hair topper

So, I probably should have asked this before I placed an order but how exactly do you pick the right length hair topper to blend in with your bio hair if it is curly? When I pull my hair out straight and measure from the crown it's around 11" in the back and angles to 13", but it's about 2" shorter all over when curly. I've already placed an order for the deep Brazilian wave for 12". Will it be 12" with the curl pattern or was it measured pulled out straight?
Hi Rhayes, you definitely want to order a few inches longer. You may want a 16 inch. Mine is 18” but comes up with the curl. Take a look to get an idea. And call UniWigs asap to make an adjustment to your order. I ordered my actual length and they were great with changing mine to a longer length. You’ll just have to pay the difference of whatever length you go with.