My ever first review from

Today I'm giving you a post that you guys have been waiting for me and asking me questions if I'm gonna do one. So I'm doing a wig tutorial! It is from UniWigs and it's literally my first wig. I love this wig. When I have this wig on, I feel like I'm a new person.

When I put on this wig, it feels so real and feels like it's mine. It's so natural. I'm gonna show you exactly how I put in on. If you are looking for a wig and it's your first time, you're not sure on exactly what type of wig you want, this wig is great.

The texture is silky. The length is 20 inch and the hair color is natural black. The lace type is light brown. It does come with two wig caps because you do want to put a wig cap under here. I'll show you guys all. This wig is already preplucked and you can wear this wig in the middle, in the side or in a ponytail. It's a lace front where you can part it anywhere and it's still going to look natural and look like a ral part. I'm already worn this three or four times and I love each time and get compliments on it. It's so soft. There's barely any shedding. You have litle flyaways but that's like with any wig. You can just pull them and use your flat iron to lay them down. I just pull them, cut them and put some hair spray on them to keep them down.

Honestly I love this wig. It's so full and beautiful. I did curl it a little bit. It came semi curl but it was mainly.