Need a better topper solution!


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Not satisfied with toppers I’ve tried. Looking for better quality and better suited for me
Thanks for your post, but have you try our toppers?

Also if you hair loss area and hair color is perfect for PM1811 Color: G4<medium brown>, Length:12" or 16" , try to conform to these rules to win it.

1. You should register on our forum
2. Introduce yourself in the “Tell Us About Yourself” board.
3. Tell us why you want a free try-on hair topper in the board “Try for Free/Giveaway”.
4. Agree to share your reviews and opinions on the board, “Try for Free/Giveaway,” after receiving the product. The most important point is that we will offer 1000 points for women who share their pictures and more than 200-word reviews on this board. Once the review shows up on the board, points will be added to your account in about 24 hours. You can use these points to get more hair toppers or wigs at a much cheaper price.
5. The selected 5 customers will be announced on 15th, September, 2018.