PCOS and to top it off now hair loss :(

I have had hormonal issues from the age of 13 and was never formally diagnosed until my late 20's. I've never been able to have children because of these hormonal issues and now I have the added bonus of stressing out over losing my hair since the age of 35 with my periods being worse than ever. I became interested in youtube videos about hair toppers and would like to try one but am afraid to spend the $200-$700 on one only to find out it looks terrible on me. There are no local wig stores in my area that offer realistic looking toppers, most only sell the obvious "rug" looking wigs. SO, long story short, I'd like to learn as much as possible about potentially encouraging hair growth or at least how to deal with hair loss and conceal it. Thanks :)
I have pcos too! I got a uniwig hair topper and its fabulous! they are super expensive so i had to wait until my tax returns came. Its worth the price! I just wish i could find one that has a part you can change up and wear while having your hair up. I got the claire remy hair topper. I also used a discount code.