Pick me! Pick me!

I never had a lush head of hair but it was pretty and shiny and I could rock just about any style. Then after turning 50 I started noticing a lot more hair in the shower drain and the tub. I kept telling everyone something was wrong and they all replied “Oh, you have plenty of hair!” But I knew eventually the loss would outpace the regrowth and finally that happened about 4 years ago. I currently use Rogaine, Ketoconazole shampoo, take Biotin, use a laser comb and still it falls outs. (I tried spironolactone but can’t tolerate it.)

I have had to resort to toppers more than once since my hair loss started. I actually drove 4 hours to go to a store to pick out a topper the first time. I really liked the one I picked but of course they had to order one for me due to the color I needed. Because I was very new to this process I had also asked them to customize it by adding additional clips so it would be more secure. When it finally arrived I was soooo excited. I opened the box and was devastated. The hair was NOT the same quality, I would compare it to a horses mane quality. But I had no choice because I was so thin, I had to start wearing something. That lasted about a year, then seemed to grow enough back so went without for a while. Then went through another shed so bought my first topper online which was a better experience but I struggled with the density, waaaaay too much hair. So was constantly challenged with how to make it look more realistic. Last year the hair loss slowed down and I regrew enough hair that I started feeling good about it for the first time in years. Then one day, I lost a handful after shampooing and I knew exactly what was going to happen. And it did, I lost all the hair I had regrown in less than two months.

I recently decided I just have to accept that I will never regain what I have lost. In fact my dermatologist, who suffers from alopecia herself, just said “you will have to accept that this is a battle you can never win”. :cry: But I need to do something to give me my confidence back. As a business professional I constantly worry about my clients staring at my hair, or lack thereof. Also I went through a divorce a few years ago so now I’m single and nearing 60 years old so this hairloss is actually affecting my ability to interact socially because I’m constantly thinking anyone I meet is staring at my thinning hair. I found Uniwigs by watching a number of videos from other hair-loss sufferers review your products. I have ordered one and am waiting for delivery, hopefully soon! I have great hope that I will not be disappointed. :) But I would love to have more than one as I have learned that having only one is not a great idea.

I attached a couple of pics and I actually have quite a bit of hair fibers in and it still looks thin.