Questions You Must Be Confused!


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Here will be the generate questions you will have for the first time order a wig. Today I will explain several “Proper Nouns” about wigs and hope this will help you to order online easily.

A.3 Cap constructions for wigs:
Lace front: lace in the front 12''X4'', straps around and back. You can use some glue for the front lace to make it more natural on your front scalp.
Full lace: without any straps or combs, only lace. Customers always sew-in wigs or apply by using the glue.
Glueless full lace: full lace with combs around and straps on the back. It is much easier to quicker to apply.
The prices from the higher to lower: glueless full lace - full lace - lace front

3 Cap constructions for wigs.png

B.Swiss lace and French lace:
Swiss lace will be thinner and not easy to see.
French lace is more durable.

C.What kind of hair we used on our website?
Most of the human hair, we use the Brazilian, Indian, and European remy human hair. For the silk/Jewish wig, we normally use the Mongolian remy hair.
Synthetic wigs are mostly made of the heat friendly fiber.

D.Can I part the hair anywhere?
Yes, the default part line for the wigs are free part, which means the hair can be parted anywhere you want, such as middle part, side part etc.
Here is video to show you how to make the natural hairline of your wig/lace closures:

Mono silk top.png

E.Mono/silk top:
We have mono and silk top for the customers who have the higher requirement which will give you the much more natural hairline on the top. In the other hand, the price will be higher than the normal lace. Both of them creates the illusion of natural hair growth from the scalp where the hair is parted.
Depending on different materials hairs are hand-knotted into, there are three types of construction fabrics used on UniWigs products: lace, monofilament, and silk. Each approach has its own features and meets various needs. And they are usually combined with each other or other materials due to high manpower demands and cost, such as wefts or stretchy mesh.