Same Bangs With My Mother

After the birth of my daughter, I figured I didn't need any help. How hard could it be? I thought I was the youthful, born with the knowledge of how to care for baby. But after one month, I was out of energy. I called my mom for help.

My mother arrived, saw what needed to be done, and very quietly did it. Always with smile, she made meals, including the entire dinner for six that I thought I could handle on my one. She cleaned, shopped, did laundry, worn her bangs and rocked screaming babies in the small hours of the mornings.

She never once did the thing I most feared she would do-lecture me on lots of things I could do better or differently. She frequently tell me what every new mom desperately needs to hear-that I was doing a great job.

I was endlessly amazed by her energy and her easy manner with my daughter. She was always one step ahead of me, even though I swear she got less sleep and she also has very thin hair.

hair topper with bangs.png

One day, I asked her,“How long did you use the bangs?”. “Five years”, mom answered. “Could I have the same bangs with you?”, I asked. “Of course”, my mom said.

Yes, I want to be the same person as my mother who is always understanding with a lot more respect and much better vision.