Some tips with hair loss


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Tip 1: Give up smoking and drying out. Smoking can make the blood capillaries of the scalp shrink and affect hair’s natural growth. And smoking is bad for health. Also, drinking alcohol can cause scalp fever and produce wetness, which may cause hair loss.
Tip 2: Designing a proper diet. Some hair loss is caused by nutrient deficiency. Eating more food with calcium, iron, zinc and vitamin C can prevent hair loss. Foods like steak, eggs, citrus fruits and grapes are good choices. Supplying nourishment and balanced nutrition is important for hair loss prevention. Another important thing to avoid is eating acidic food that can cause disease such as epifolliculitis.
Tip 3: Reduce stress and relax. Too much stress and an unstable mood might cause hair loss. Relaxing and sleeping early are helpful.
Tip 4: Protect your hair. Don’t dye your hair continually. Dying hair will increase the probability of hair loss. Don’t put your scalp under the blazing sun for a long time as that will burn the scalp. If you want colorful hair, you can wear a nice thin wig.
Tips 5: Massaging the scalp. Scalp massage can promote positive blood flow. It can improve the symptoms of hair loss.