Struggling with wearing hair toppers for the first time


Staff member
We some times get feedback from our customers that they don't like the toppers they purchased, especially for the new ones. After doing survey from them , we got know that actually they just struggled with wearing hair toppers even thought the toppers are beautiful.

You may have the same experience as below:

When I first discovered that there was way more to alternative hair than just your standard hair extensions, I started to become very overwhelmed by all the different options!
I spent most of 2017 keeping my hair loss a secret from everyone I know. The only people I told were girls who I'd connected with. Not talking about things isn't in my nature, so keeping this trapped inside was honestly destroying me. It made me feel; self conscious and depressed . After 6 months I finally decided to take the plunge and get myself a topper. After having 3 consults and trying to various different types, I finally found one that felt like “me”.
The week leading up to get my topper, I “came out” to my best friend, and explained that I would be getting a form of “extensions” that clip in on the top of my head, to help cover up the hair loss I had been experiencing, and to give my bio hair a break from coloring.
Initially, she was very sympathetic towards me, which although appreciated, I shut that down. I explained that my hair loss wasn't a sign of me dying, nor was it the end of the world - it's just hair and I really didn't think sympathy was needed, in fact it would make me feel worse.

Some clients would be feel embarrassing or sad and give up wearing hair toppers. If you do like this, you would isolated and anxious always., Because you never feel that hair loss is like someone's weight. Actually , you can explained to your friends that approaching your hair loss (and even others) needs to be in the same way you would approach discussing someone's weight. Some people are open to talking about being overweight/underweight, others are a lot more self conscious about it.

We could learn through this, is that people approach your insecurities is like how you approach them. So it's just a decisions, when we have hair loss, it doesn't mean we would fall down, we can be strong. Tell yourself, “I would approach yourself with confidence, albeit slightly nervous/scared, but overall with confidence. “