Synthetic VS Human Hair Extensions, Which One is right for You?

Hair Extensions are the secret weapon for those people who want beautiful long hair for some special occasions (for example, wedding, graduation, birthday party, etc), or for people who have fine thin short hair to achieve their hair goals.

There’re two very different yet strangely similar fibers of extensions are prevalent on the market: synthetic and human hair extensions; however, the differences between synthetic and human hair are distinct. I hope this article will help you decide which would be a good choice for you on your next purchase for hair extensions.

Human Hair Extensions Pros
The biggest benefit of wearing human hair extensions is you will get an overall natural look. UniWigs Human Hair Extensions are made by Remy or even Virgin Remy Human hair (a higher level of remy hair). Remy hair simply is that its cuticles are all in the same direction, just like your own natural hair. This means the texture, color, and feel will ultimately be the most undetected choice. Moreover, Human hair extensions are heat-friendly and they are easier and faster to be straighten or curled than the way synthetic hair does (although UniWigs synthetic hair is heat-friendly too). Human hair is versatile, so human hair extensions are great for those who want to change up their style often. It is also one of the main reasons most of brides choose to use human hair over synthetic.
Another upside to using human hair is it can be bleached and it is able to have the freedom to color it which synthetic hair cannot do.

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Synthetic Hair Extensions Pros
Compared with old synthetic extensions that are shiny and fake, synthetic hair extensions have made great technological progress these years. The synthetic fiber of UniWigs hair extensions is soft-to-touch and feels just like real human hair. The first and foremost reason to use synthetic hair is that synthetic hair extensions hold their preset style they originally came with during the whole transportation process, and it can be applied straight out of the box without any styling unlike human hair extensions. For example, if you ordered wavy they will stay that way.
UniWigs Synthetic fiber can withstand heat up to 180F and you're free to curl or straighten the synthetic extensions to match your own hair texture and to achieve a higher-level hair goal.
Moreover, synthetic hair is far easier to care for. It does not hold oils the way human hair does; therefore washing isn’t needed as often, which usually result in the hair lasting a little longer.
Lastly, synthetic Hair Extensions are relatively cheap and ideal for people who have a lower budget but always desire for long hair with large volume.

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