Thank you so much for this opportunity to hopefully be able to feel pretty again!

First off I’d like to say Thank you for giving the opportunity to win a free try on topper. I’d very much like to have the longest one you have as my hair albeit thin is long to my butt. It’s always been long. I competed in the Mrs. Kentucky USA Pageant in 1991 and loved the experience even though I didn’t win. I’d love to do a video of the topper. I have Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. In my profile picture I am wearing the no track frontal piece I purchased from June Penny. Unfortunately I don’t have much of an income these days. So this could really help me feel better about myself. I am 57 years old and last year I was given an antibiotic Ciprofloxacin which is a fluoroquinolone. After the 3rd day I started experiencing strange feelings. Skin felt inflamed. Headaches, muscles and joints felt bruised and fatigued. I was diagnosed with drug induced (Ciprofloxacin) Lupus. I also have nerve damage from the adverse reactions. Now I am experiencing connective tissue damage. I also have a white lesion on my brain from the Ciprofloxacin. I can no longer work and my hair is falling more. I cannot exercise too much for fear of tendon rupture. So I’ve gained a little weight. It’s been over a year and instead of getting better it seems it’s gett worse. I sure could use something to make me feel normal again. I would be ever so grateful for a topper. Again thank you so much for the chance to get a piece of normalcy to make me feel better about myself. And just a bit of advice for everyone reading this please do not chance your life and take a fluoroquinolone. They’re poison! Does so much damage to the body and kind. Do your research on any medicines your given before taking them. 😊 thank you and god bless
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