The difference: “Junie topper”& “Charleigh topper”


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In UniWigs, there are two similar straight Remy human hair topper:“6*6 Junie Straight Remy human hair lace hair topper”(SKU:UPL048) and “6*6 Charleigh Straight Remy human hair lace hair topper”(SKU:UPL049).Look from the picture, you can't tell apart of them.

So how to choice the right lace closure?
First, let's talk about their common point.
Textured with 6*6 cap size that can cover more on the crown of the head. We set free part as default, but you can choose middle part and three part.There are five colors for choosing:#1,#1B,#G-2 Dark Coffee brown,#G-4 Medium brown and Natural color. Both are 100% human hair that looks very natural.
You can request to put in clips. Normally, 4 clips are enough. We know that some people like 5*5 cap because it's more easy flutter, a lot of people feel like they need that extra clips to fix the cap on the head.

So what is their difference?
UPL0048 called “Junie” on which the cap is flat. And that is not fit the head very well.
UPL0049 called “Charleigh” on which the cap is curved. It is a nice little curved contorted the head. That is flush to crony our head and looks more sexy.

Actually, “Junie” is an old style and it's upgraded to “Charleigh”. For “Junie”, there is only 130% density. But for “Charleigh”, three type of density can be selected(130%,150% and 180%).You can get more choice as you like.

Base on above description, I believe you get more clear on “Junie” and “Charleigh”.