The Review on UniWigs Hera Mono Top Hair Topper


“This is a beautiful Hera topper (10x10) 20" in Summer Shandy. It truly is beautiful! I feel like Rapunzel!
Small hair loss story: I had a lot of hair in my youth. However, I have had hair loss due to PCOS, weight loss surgery, after pregnancy, and anemia. Do any of you struggle with thin hair due to those things as well? I'm so happy I discovered helper hair and this cool community of people to help me feel glam and not alone. Also, I love feeling put together super fast!” - Letitia K.

🛑 Letitia K. is wearing 10"x 10" Hera Mono Top Human Hair Topper - Color : 24-613 Summer Shandy - SKU : PM1804
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