Thinning all my life. Finally found helper hair

My name is Merrie Beth. I recently entered my 50s but have had thinner hair than I’ve liked for at least the last 15 years. I finally started looking in to helper hair a year or two ago. I finally took the leap a couple months ago. I had a very stressful year and my hair is thinner than ever. My mother suffers from the same problem. We are very very thin on top and we both have a big split in the back that allows us to only wear our hair down after the first wash. I’m so happy to have found these resources. The best part is I have not had one single person figure out what I’m doing! Not even my husband although I finally told him after a couple days. I watched all the online resources and made sure I had the knowledge to make the toppers look good! I’m so thankful for toppers. I wish I had taken the leap sooner!