Timing - when to tell someone new in your life that you wear a topper?

I have not yet worn a topper and I am quite frightened of the experience. But I have come to the stage in my hair loss journey where it is becoming more embarrassing to show everyone how bald I am than to just wear something to cover it up. I have read where some women compare it to putting on makeup or wearing a new article of clothing or jewelry, and I am trying very hard to liken it to that. I am 54 and single, and I so much want to have someone special in my life. I don't get many dates (probably because I have no hair) and the thought of wearing a topper and dating someone new with it on, and the timing as to "when" you tell someone that your hair is not "your real" hair, is terrifying! First date, so they can walk away informed? After they are hooked and then they find it awkward to leave but hate that you are bald? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!
Your question is more difficult than mine, as you said, having no hair definitely affects our self-esteem, but we really don't need to care it a lot. More than 40% or more women have hair loss problem in the world, we are not alone. If no hair let you don't get many dates, then wigs and hairpieces can help. This don't means cheat, everyone have the right to pursue beauty and young. There is no need to tell someone that your hair is not "your real" hair specially. Just enjoy your first date, if someone left because your hair, then he is not the one you need. We don't need to prepare for the timing, true love doesn't care if you have hair or not. Hope you will have more dates dear! :love:
Hi I completely understand! When I first bought a topper I had it for weeks before I dared to wear it. I still get a bit of that same anxiety with new toppers (particularly if a different colour/style). I must say I'm not in the same situation as my hair loss started when I was about 6 months into a new relationship-but hey, that same guy is my husband now so it can't be that off-putting!

You can't change your hair loss, you can't change how other people feel about it but you can affect how YOU feel about it.
Wearing hair is not illegal, you aren't hurting anyone by wearing a topper/wig, you are not less of a person because you wear hair (and god forbid-enjoy the way it makes you feel!).
Sounds drastic but I liken it a bit to a prosthesis. I know a few people who have had a mastectomy. They don't have a breast so wear a prosthetic one, I don't have hair on top of my head so I wear a topper.

So anyone who'd tank a relationship because someone hasn't got a leg, or arm or breast, or even hair really isn't a person who's opinion you should value.

Hope this has helped, good luck with the dating!
Thanks so much BellaBee! I really appreciate the feedback. One step at a time for me. I really should think of it like that and not worry so much what others think. I am expecting my new topper tomorrow so I am super excited to play with it and see how it feels. I start nursing school next Tuesday, so I want to have it figured out before then and decide I am going to wear it every day to school!