Tips for setting up hair color


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Tips on how to make sure you setting yourself more success when it comes to hair color corrections.
In this blog, I will talk about the two new colors released on 8.5*9 Melanie virgin remy human hair Mono Topper:

blonde hair topper.png blonde hair topper 1.png
From above picture, it seems like the color the same. Actually there is a huge different when they come to hair toppers.

blonde hair topper in real.png highlight blonde hair topper.png
If you choose the wrong color, you will not happy with the topper received and you will realized that I charged more than hundred dollars with the result.
No body will be happy in the end. Here is the correct process when you start to get your hair color on e-commerce.
We love to learn more about your hair, it is the best to send us photos of front, back and sides of your head in natural light.

Tip 1: Consultation and setting expectations from the beginning. You could email to our professional customer service [email protected].

Or DM us on Instagram @lavivid.uniwigs. Such as “ I would like to have some blonde hair toppers, here with the pictures for my own hair and pictures I would like to have”, base on the requests, we will quote you the exactly details.

Tip 2: Under promise, Over delivery. Get hair samples or hair coloring from us. For some balayage or blonde hair topper, order the hair sample is best way to see the color.

Leave message if you have more ideas or suggestions for us.