Tips For Taking Care Of Hair Toppers For Short Hair

1. Use the best hair care products
Just like your natural hair, the hairpiece tends to tangle and shed if you do not properly take care of it. A good shampoo and conditioner can ensure your hair strands stay shiny and smooth. When applying the conditioner, make sure that it only goes from mids to ends of the hair. Let invest caring for hair products to keep your wiglet in the best condition.
2. Use specialized products for hair toppersAir dry as much as possible
It's better if your hair is air-dried. Or you can place the hairpiece on a stand with a towel underneath then dry it with a hairdryer on the low heating level.
3. Avoid sleeping with toppers
To keep your hair topper last longer, you shouldn't sleep when wearing it. Why? The hairpiece is easy to tangling and shedding because you tend to turn around. Remember to take off the topper before sleeping to protect and keep it last longer as well.
it's not advisable to sleep with your hair toppersWhat about how to style a hair topper? You find that the topper color is normal, so feel free to dye and style if you want. You like straight hair, curly hair or deep wavy hair, it's ok. But you should use the tools on low to medium heat to get the job done and prevent the wiglet from damaging. We recommend applying heatless methods to your hair toppers for short hair because it is a good way to protect it.