Weird + wiggy (wig- virgin)

WORD NERD. BOY MOMMA. 50 IS THE NEW 30. LAZY COOK. CLIP-IN WEARER. ...and have no idea why I'm all caps locked! LOL. Ordered my fist wig and it looks sooo...wigish! Obsessed with watching videos about extensions, caps, wigs; synthetic, remy, bio debates and just trying to accept the fact that I've never had a ton of hair and now that I'm in my 50's...don't think I ever will. Hair makes me better. More productive. I feel---smarter, even (with hair "on"). Not sure where to start, but am unafraid to jump in and start you-tubbing all of this ish.

How old are ya'll?
Hi I am Sarah! 50 years old and just ordered a few wigs to try on. My hair is so thin I don't think clip in extensions will work. I am looking forward to being here and learning tips and tricks from everyone.