What was the reason you became interested in hair toppers?

So, growing up I colored and permed my hair constantly. Of course these constant processes caused a lot of damage and breakage. Approximately 10 years ago, I had seen pictures that were taken of me from behind ( bad enough - this was an unpleasant body view..lol) I notice a huge part going down the back of my head. Being pf Caucasian descent, I thought I had absolutely no options. The first products that I learned about was CLIP-IN extensions, I was thrilled!! This added fullness to my sides and back but it was obvious that my top crown area was so much thinner in comparison. Then I was introduced to wigs........OMG....I began to love the variety. I wore different styles all the time. Through YOU-Tube Videos, I became so knowledgeable about "hair". I started working with Cancer Patients and then my obsession really went wild. I would wear different wigs all the time, as I was the person that newly diagnosed cancer patients would come to see. So many woman were so devastated at the thought of losing their hair. I became the wig specialist. I would keep boxes of wigs under my desk and if someone's health insurance did not cover the cost of a wig, I would show them my selection and let them take one home. I showed them that wigs should be viewed as an accessory and now they had the opportunity to try out different styles. I became so very close to these patients.
Well, I am 56 now and the hot flashes started a few years ago and the wigs were suffocating me.
This is when I discovered hair toppers. I would try to create them myself by purchasing weaving hair. I could never figure out how to make a believable part. Then I came across JUNE PENNY and my life has been changed. I tried to buy hair closures online and sew in my own clips. But now, it is so convenient to order beautiful hair, with larger bases, more selections of colors that I have ordered 4 units within a months time.

I'm interested to know how all of you discovered HAIR TOPPERS; I am sorry that my story was so long :)
Hello! My hairloss has recently started and after hours of research on the internet, I have decided to be proactive and look for a hair topper immediately. Also, participating in numerous discussions on FB pages and IG, and reading how much money women spent on vitamins, medicines, Rogaine, etc with no success...I have come to the conclusion that a topper will be both my hair loss solution AND treatment at the same time. So, I am currently searching for the best topper for a first time buyer. Looking to add fullness to my hair and cover slightly thinning crown (for now).
At first, I think it is a psychological thing. Like, OMG, everyone is going to know I am wearing "hair". I think if you let some of your bio hair show at the forehead area AND if the hair is the approx density as your own. Getting a thicker density than your own hair, makes it look unrealistic. I have been wearing helper hair for a few years now and a new co worker keeps saying ....Oh, is that a toupe?.....At first, I got a little upset.....but once I said....It is a hair topper and I my hair looks good EVERY DAY. That's why I started making videos on different types of hair. Think of hair toppers are another accessory.