I got so many comments on the last 101 blog asking why my hair won’t hold a curl and so many related questions. The answer to why your hair won't hold a curl is actually very complex, we're going to do a lecture in this blog and then I'm sharing some tips and tricks that is helping you to make your curls last longer in the next blog. Stay Stuned!
Let's get into it.

The first thing that you want to consider when you are asking why your hair doesn’t hold a curl is your natural hair texture. Generally speaking, the hair types that will not hold a curl very well are fine hair. Fine hair is not going to hold a curl as well as coarse hair. Secondly, in terms of hair texture, straighter hair does not hold a curl as well as wavy or curly hair - It's a little bit harder to go from straight to curly than it is from curly to straight.
Another reason why your hair is not holding a curl is because it is dirty (from your natural oils or from product build up hair like spray gel or serum, it regards as not freshly washed/dirty hair).
As a rule of thumb, if you want to wear your hair up, then you work with dirty hair. If you want to wear your hair down and you want to have curl that lasts a long time, then you work with clean hair because clean hair holds a curl better!

Now aside from whether or not your hair is dirty or oily and aside from your natural texture, the number-one reason as to why your hair is not holding a curl is because of your haircut or lack thereof
I mean this in two ways:
  • If your hair is super damaged and it has a lot of split ends, it's hard to hold a curl.
  • Regardless of your texture or cleanness, if your hair is all one length with no layers or very little layers, it's not going to hold a curl well because all of your hair is just way down, so you will get a loose wave at best.

The two points can basically explain why you cannot hold a curl longer. After you know the general reasons, we're able to move on to the next part. I’ll give you some tips on how to curl your hair or products that you should use in order to make curls last longer. Hit the link to find out in my next blog J