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33 years old.
From UK.
11 years hair loss veteran.
Topper wearer: Claire was my starter, then Amber, currently wearing Bella in 18 inch G4 straight. I also have a Belletress synthetic (that itches!).
I have genetic hair loss from both my mother and father's sides of the family. I wear wigs in the cooler months, but, in the summer I wear a head band because I am too warm otherwise.
Hi Karie, have you ever tried a topper? There are different caps that are very light and various sizes.
I am looking for a topper that will look natural with my hair. I have natural curly hair, but very thin on top due to stroke and lots of meds. I have bought other toppers but as of yet none that I want to wear everyday. I am 65 years old so not wanting long hair, just want to feel good about myself again. I love the look of the wavy wig in 12in.
I'm new to toppers and just purchased the Brazilian deep wave in 12". Once it arrives I can post pictures and let you know how it works with my curly hair. I have seen others pictures and it looks so natural on them.
I have hair loss on top of head, I don't like to wear wigs. I would like a topper that is human hair and will cover the whole top of my head. I have purchased one from you, but I didn't order a proper one large enough to cover my loss. I can't afford another one at this time as we are having to rebuild our home, due to Hurricane Harvey 1 year ago.
I suggest trying a synthetic topper, they really hold their quality and are a cheaper option. Maybe just until a human hair topper is option.
I would love to try your toppers, I have been looking for some type of solution to my problem, my hair is so thin, went through breast cancer and my hair never grew back like it was, everyday I look at my head to figure out a new style for that day, I am personally running out of option, praying for some type of miracle to happen for me, I would love to see if this would work wonders for my thinning hair. Thanks